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Will there be a guide with us throughout the Yatra?

There is not specific guide for the Yatra.. Our handlers at each dham wiil be there to assist you in your journey.

What kind of accommodation will be provided at places?

Luxury hotels are not available at these remote locations, therefore you are advised not to keep very high expectation of hotels. However, we provide the best available hotelsat all location.

When should we reach Dehradun to start our ChardhamYatra?

Guests need to reach Dehradun, one day prior to their scheduled Chardham departure date booked with us. Shivatri Luxuries provides a complimentary stay on the first night, when guests arrive at Dehradun.

How far are the Temples from the Helipads at each Dham?

Apart from Yamunotri Dham, all the temples are easily approachable. At Yamunotri, there is a 6km trek to the shrine, which is done through porters/Palki/Pony.

Arrangement for the same is done by Shivatri Luxuries 



Please refer to Weather & What to Wear section.

Please refer to Weather & What to Wear section.

All meals are included at each Dham, however, meals are not included during your stay at Dehradun. Vegetarian food

Pure Vegetarian food is served to all our pilgrims

Kharsali: All networks

Harsil: BSNL, JlO

Sersi: All networks

Kedarnath: All networks

Badrinath: BSNL, JlO

In case your networks do not work, you can always reach out to our crew for any help or assistance regarding the same.

Children below the age of 2 years travel free of charge. For children 2 or above, full charges are applicable.

VIP Darshans at all the four shrines are arranged by Shivatri Luxuries  . However, special pujas are not included in our tour. The same can be arranged on request.

The opening date of Kedarnathji is announced every year on the day of Maha Shivratri, and opening date of Badrinathji is announced on the day of Basant Panchami.



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